Kipp Ryodo Hawley

It’s been 36 days since George Floyd was murdered. I’ve been feeling grief for Mr. Floyd’s family and close circle, outrage that it has happened yet again, and shame for being complicit with the entire system that put its knee on his neck.

I’ve also been feeling encouraged by the growing awareness of our history of racial injustice, that so many are doing the work to understand the inner functioning of racism, that protests, demonstrations and public hearings are continuing, and that maybe this time, just maybe, we’ll be able to sustain this energy through the months and years it will take to put true reform in place.

I want this council to continue on, as part of that sustaining energy, so that this moment won’t just pass like others have.

I’m very grateful for this practice of council. For encouragement and background, here is a link to a Sun Magazine interview with Jared Oshin Seide, the director of the Center For Council, discussing the practice and reflections on how he uses it in challenging situations:



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