Update on 50th Anniversary Meeting

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Dear Plums,

We are two weeks away from our celebration. The boundless power of Dana Paramita is carrying us to your arrival.

More Plums. Since my previous memo, the following Plums have confirmed their reservations:
Patricia Shingetsu Guzy (Valley Sangha, CA, Sat only)
Bill Yoshin Jordan (Santa Monica, CA)
Jose Shinzan Palma (Upaya lineage)
Alan Tansui Seiden (Heart Circle Sangha)
Don Ani Shalom Singer (Shri Hadash)
Abby Mushim Terris (Corvallis Zen Circle)
Allan Fuso Stewart (Student of Dainin White)

Vows. We will be inviting each of you to write out your vows for the White Plum and ZCLA for the next 50 years (or 10,000 years). Your vows will be written on bodhi leaves made of balsa wood which will hang on our mural of Buddha’s enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. The mural will be painted this summer, but we will have a drawing to show you. Please be thinking about what you will vow. (We also have a living Bodhi Tree.)

Practice Circles. There are twelve Practice Circles scheduled for Saturday, June 17 from 1-3 PM, two sessions each. Thanks so much for the following Plums who readily agreed to facilitate a circle (listed in no particular order):
– Musho Hamilton: Everything is Workable
– Myonen Marko: The Householder Koans
– Koan Janka, Shogen Bloodgood, and Joko Chuman: Prison Chaplaincy and the Journey after Incarceration
– Chozen Bays: The Vow-Powered Life
– Jikyo McMahon: The Practice of Immediacy
– Enduring-Vow Brown and Jitsujo Gauthier: The Three Tenets Mala
– Myoho Fjeld and Dharma-Joy Reichert: ZCLA’s Shared Stewardship
– Barbara Wegmuller and Cornelius Collande: Bearing Witness Retreats — Auschwitz, Rwanda, Bosnia
– Hogetsu Hoeberichts: Healthy Boundaries
– Myoyu Andersen: Race and Privilege
– Bernie Glassman: Schmoozing with Bernie
– Faith-Mind Thoresen with Jamir, Abaal, and Alaa: The Journey of a Syrian Family (They will prepare lunch on Saturday).
– Myoan Solomon with speaker from Homeboy Industries (still arranging; we will have treats from Homeboy Industries)

Questions? Please do not hesitate to contact directly:
Darla Myoho Fjeld (dr.fjeld@gmail.com) for all logistical questions
Egyoku (wen@ix.netcom.com) for non-logistical questions
or post directly to the WPA e-group if it applies to us all and I will respond.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Normandie mountain,


恵 玉
See our website www.zencenter.org



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