Am 21. April 2024 um 18:00 - 19:45: Zazen & Dharma mit Jikishin Sensei – Sonntag
Am 24. April 2024 um 19:30 - 21:00: Abendzazen Mittwoch
Am 28. April 2024 um 18:00 - 19:30: Abendzazen Sonntag



Regular zazen (Zen meditation) in the Zen Center Düsseldorf and in the Online Zendo:

  • every Tuesday from 05:30 to 06:30 Meditation (Zazen)
  • every Wednesday from 19:30 to 21:15 Meditation (Zazen)
  • every Friday from 05:30 to 06:30 Meditation (Zazen)
  • every sunday from 18:00 to 19:45 meditation (zazen)
  • every first Sunday of the month our member Gabriele offers a sharing in the last period.

The sequence of the evening Zen meditation includes three periods of zazen (sitting meditation) of about 30 minutes, in between kinhin (walking meditation) and at the end a short recitation (“Four Vows”) and three full bows. We ask for a donation of 5 euros per participant per evening. This amount does not apply to club members.

Please contact us before your first visit.
By appointment, we are happy to offer 90 minutes of introduction, or alternatively a short instruction if you already have experience in Zen meditation in a group.

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Am 24. April 2024 um 19:30 - 21:00: Abendzazen Mittwoch



When you start to get interested in Zen and meditation, the confusion also starts: “How do I sit properly?”, “My breath stops: what do I do now?”, or: “My thoughts run hot: and now?” …
All these questions – and all others – are answered by our instructors in small groups with a maximum of 5 participants. We clarify misunderstandings, give an overview of history and technology. We encourage practice, whether in our community, alone, or elsewhere entirely.

Welcome to the beginning!

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Zazen & Dharma

Zen Teachings

Spinning the Dharma Wheel: Regular classes ( Dharma teachings) at the Dusseldorf Zen Center and Online Zendo:

  • every first Wednesday of the month from 7:30 to 9:15 p.m.
  • every third Sunday of the month from 6:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Regularly twice a month our Zen teacher Jikishin Sensei, is available for Zen lessons in Düsseldorf. On these evenings we sit zazen together for a period. This will be followed by a Dharma teaching (lecture) and the opportunity to ask questions about your own practice in the context of Zen Buddhist teachings.

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Am 21. April 2024 um 18:00 - 19:45: Zazen & Dharma mit Jikishin Sensei – Sonntag

Zen Training

Zentag | Zazenkai

A zazenkai is a day of particularly intense practice and togetherness.

Since 2000 it has been a supporting tradition for Kanzeon Sangha to organize Zen Days (Zazenkais) with Tenkei Coppens Roshi and his successor Hans Daishin Fischer Sensei in Düsseldorf twice a year in March and October.

Our resident teacher Jikishin Sensei will also be available for zazenkais in the future.

We spend these special days together with zazen and kinhin (sitting and walking meditation), text study and sharing.

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Zen Training

Sesshin | Practice Days

A sesshin is a time (usually 3 to 7 days) of concentrated Zen meditation. It takes place in a Zen monastery or training center, with significantly more intensive zazen practice than in daily Zen practice. The program of a sesshin features frequent meditation periods, daily ceremonies and sutra recitation, koan practice, dokusan (the personal conversation with the teacher), and lecture by the teacher. Often meals are also taken in the zazen posture during sesshin. Most of the time, a sesshin is spent in silence.

A tradition at Kanzeon Sangha Germany is the equivalent of sesshin in Düsseldorf:

The practice days.

The time we have now is very precious! For one working week, we share our practice in everyday life: our ordinary day as a laboratory.
No one should have to take a vacation, but we want to learn to understand working time and time with family and friends as practice time.
We would like to practice together every morning before work and in the evening.
These times will be the time frame that will be filled with different contents according to the needs of the group; the schedule will allow each participant to come according to their individual circumstances.
We will practice bringing the practice into our professional and family lives. While sharing zazen, exercises, food and conversation, we will learn more about Sangha and our Buddha practice.

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A central part of the Zen Buddhist tradition is ceremony. The officiant connects the participants to the tradition lineage – and all participants together – as one body and one mind – perform the ceremony. This commonality has a healing effect, as does the Latin root cura (healing) for the word caerimonia suggests.

Ceremonies are for example:

– Morning service,
– Lunch service,
– Evening service.
– Commemoration (Memorial),
– Funeral Service,
– Wedding ceremony,
– Fusatsu,
– Jukai,
– Shukke Tokudo
– …

Jikishin Sensei is available as a lineage holder for all types of ceremonies. It is planned to hold some ceremonies regularly; others will be held spontaneously – for example, as “intercessions” in emergencies or at short notice in cases of death.

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